Rivers and Roads

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Cheddar Scallion Drop Biscuits

Caramelized Apple, Bacon and Blue Cheese Pan Pizza | Girl Versus Dough

So my blog is pretty much what it says on the tin.. er, description. This blog is all food, all travel, all the time. It’s like getting two blogs in one! How great is that?

Yeah, my blog title is a little off, but IĀ do have an explanation! (You probably don’t care, but humour me, because the titleĀ does have a meaning to it).

As I spent the day fixing up my blog, I had to choose a new name. Nothing I came up with sounded good and included both food and travel. Then I thought of ‘Rivers and Roads’, a song by The Head and the Heart. I fell in love with it after my favourite TV show ended (hey there, Chuck fans, remember that ending song?) and it holds that very special memory to me. It was perfect, but didn’t include food! But in the end, I decided it didn’t matter, because the name was perfect and I wasn’t about to give it up.

So thanks for humouring me, if you’ve read this far. I hope you’ll consider a follow (though I don’t have anything posted yet), and we’ll explore the world together, one dish and place at a time!